Ultimate Deep Healing Pain Cream by Changing the Future

Potbelly Score: 7.00 Brand: Ultimate Deep Healing Pain Cream by Changing the Future Type: Topical CBD: 150mg; THC: N/A Available at: Direct to consumer The Ultimate Deep Healing Pain Cream with EMU Oil from Changing the Future Outcome is perfect for anyone that is dealing with muscles or joint pain. I’ve brought it to several three-day music festivals and it has been amazing! It's wonderful for dealing with the aftermath of dancing for hours. It has made the recovery process

The Fastest Way to A Stoner’s Heart Is Flowers

Valentine’s Day is just 3 days away, but it’s not too late to treat your sweetie (or yourself) to a little tlc with a touch of thc! Read on for three of our top gift recommendations this Valentine’s day. Weed Bouquet Give the kind of flowers you would like to receive! Creating a weed bouquet is very easy and sure to be a hit… pun intended. Start by choosing your Valentine’s favorite weed and set aside one or two of the largest buds. Next, get a small piece of ribbon and a cou

Potbelly's Bud Game: Flower Comparison

The Big Game may be over, but the Bud Game is in full effect! Tonight's Bud Game features three of our favorite flowers so far this year: Classix Sour Diesel - $39 on Eaze Oakland Loud Tropical Punch - $29.99 at Blum Kama Tree OG - $45 at Magnolia Although the ratings were extremely close, one came out as the clear winner.... Classix Sour Diesel with a solid PB score of 7.1! In second place, with a score of 6.2, was Oakland Loud Tropical Punch. And in third, with an impressiv

Kama Tree OG

Potbelly Score: 5.4 Brand: Kama Tree Strain: OG Type: Hybrid THC: 17.60% Available: Magnolia $45 Kama Tree OG comes in a cool, sturdy, well-designed orange box. The buds are dense and dark green, but not particularly large. The smell is rich and piney. Our Potbelly scale has a variety of rating categories. This flower was unique in that it rated lower in areas like THC percentage but scored extremely well in categories related strictly to the feel. The effect is surprisingly

Oakland Loud Tropical Punch

Potbelly Score: 6.2 Brand: Oakland Loud Strain: Tropical Punch Type: Hybrid THC: 19.37% Available: Blum $29.99 Oakland Loud Tropical Punch has a delicious citrus scent with a hint of fruity punch. The light-green frosty buds offer an intense head and body high. The look and overall experience is a much higher quality than you might expect at this price point. This strain has a nice smooth flavor. It would be the perfect smoke for a chill evening or an afternoon at the beach.

Classix Sour Diesel

Potbelly Score: 7.1 Brand: Classix Strain: Sour Diesel Type: Sativa-dominant Hybrid THC: 27% Available: Eaze $39 Classix' Sour Diesel is currently one of our highest scoring flowers with a Potbelly score of 7.1! This flower smells bright and citrusy. It scored particularly well in categories related to looks. Classix delivers large lightly frosty buds with fiery orange hairs packaged in the brand's charming cassette tape box. Of course looks are not everything. Most important

The Pax Era Review

Pax has established itself as a brand that brings reliable, premium hardware to the cannabis market. That’s really all people want when it comes to cannabis vaporizers, right? Something that works the right way, every time. That's what you can expect from the Pax Era. Released in late 2016, the Pax Era retails for $29.99 and can be found at most dispensaries and delivery services in the Bay Area. Pax Era SimpleClick™ pods range in price from $40-60 and come from a variety of