Potbelly's Bud Game: Pax Vape Cartridges

Updated: Feb 8, 2019

We reviewed them, now it's time to see which of these Potbelly favorites has earned the glory of the highest PB rating!

Tonight's Bud Game features three Pax Era heavy-hitters:

Happy Sticks Sunset Gelato

Jetty Do-Si-Dos

and Select Pineapple Express

Although this was a very tough match up, with impressive performances out of all three carts, there could only be one winner.

Jetty Do-Si-Dos landed in a respectful third place, scoring 6.2 on the PB scale.

Coming in second by a slim margin was Happy Sticks Sunset Gelato with a score of 7.2!

And finally, the champion of this evening's dramatic Bud Game was none other than Select Pineapple Express, scoring an incredible 7.5!

Stay tuned for tomorrow's match up featuring some of our favorite East Bay flower!

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