Caliva Alien OG

Potbelly Score: 6.2

Brand: Caliva Strain: Alien OG Type: Indica THC/CBD: 25% THC, 0.00% CBD

Available at Eaze; other Caliva strains at BPG & Blum

Photo:@jaxcamera Product: Alien OG by@gocaliva

Caliva has become a big brand in cannabis and for good reason. All of the flower we have tried from them has been dense, quality bud. Caliva strains are staples in several of our favorite Bay Area shops and now they even have their own dispensary in San Jose!

Caliva's Alien OG is an Indica-dominant flower that is one of my personal nighttime favorites. This strain is particularly calming and characterized with a heavy body high. The buds are a decent size with a light layer of crystals and orange hairs. The high is relaxing and giggly. It's ideal for sleeplessness or a mellow night in and great for relaxing sore muscles. This tasty flower scored a 6.2 on the Potbelly scale. Have some delivered through Eaze for $39 or try other Caliva strains available at BPG for $27 and Blum for $39.

Which Caliva strain is your favorite?

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