Cannabis Quencher Old Fashioned Lemonade

Potbelly Score: 8.00

Brand: Cannabis Quencher Flavor: Old Fashioned Lemonade Type: Flower THC: 100mg THC CBD: N/A

Available at: Magnolia and BPG

The Old Fashioned Lemonade flavor of Cannabis Quencher is my favorite edible to date. While you can find Cannabis Quencher in myriad flavors, Old Fashioned Lemonade is my go-to when I want a cannabis beverage. This product far exceeds my expectations when it comes to convenience and flavor. The drink is sweet, flavorful, refreshing, and tastes exactly like lemonade ought to taste. There’s nothing fancy about it, really, and that’s what I find remarkable about it.

Historically, I’m usually pretty skeptical when it comes to cannabis drinks. I feel THC infused beverages never really work as well as their more chewy counterparts. They never taste as great as I want them to, and finding the correct dosage is more challenging than it should be. When it comes to ingesting cannabis, brownies, chocolates, and gummies round out my sweet spots. Being able to measure a dosage is a big deal for me, and drinks don’t really have a Goldilocks zone. They’re either too weak or too strong. That’s until I found Cannabis Quencher by the Venice Cookie Company.

The Venice Cookie Company has created a great-tasting, super-strong edible that I felt very quickly. These are all big wins in my book. Dosing with Cannabis Quencher is super easy to do. For reference, 1.5oz has about 10mg of THC. A 100mg bottle of Cannabis Quencher Old Fashioned Lemonade will run you around $22 and can be found at Magnolia and Berkeley Patient’s Group. This fast-acting edible made me feel super creative and didn’t plaster me to the couch for hours. This is our highest rated edible to date scoring a massive 8.00 on the Potbelly Rating system. This edible scored particularly high in the areas of taste and feel.

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