Care By Design CBD Drops

Updated: Feb 4, 2019

Potbelly Score: 4.9

Brand: Care By Design Strain: 8:1 CBD Sublingual Drops Type: Edible THC/CBD: .04 mg THC & .34 mg CBD per drop

Available at: Harborside, Blum, CBCB, & OnaLife for around $40

CBD products have been quickly gaining popularity due to their ability to yield powerful medicinal results without the psychoactive effects of THC. Some common uses are treating anxiety, inflammation, and sleeplessness. Care By Design makes a variety of great CBD products including sublingual drops in ratio levels ranging from 1:1 all the way up to 18:1. In my experience, I have not noticed a significant difference between various ratios, but experiment for yourself to individualize your dosage.

To use sublingual drops, simply place drops under your tongue and hold for one minute to allow for absorption. Effects can be felt within minutes, though it’s important to note that the effects of CBD are subtle. In other words, rather than feeling something similar to a typical cannabis ‘high’, you’ll simply notice the absence of adverse feelings like anxiety, inflammation, or pain. In addition to a healthy lifestyle, CBD drops are a fantastic product for even non-cannabis users.

Care By Design’s 8:1 drops are made with organic coconut oil. They are essentially flavorless and can also be added to hot beverages or cooking recipes. I love starting my day by adding some to my coffee or winding down my evening with a few drops in nighttime tea.

If you’re interested in trying sublingual CBD drops, Care By Design’s 8:1 is a great product with a score of 4.9 on the Potbelly scale. It can be purchased at several of our favorite East Bay dispensaries including Blum, Harborside, and CBCB.

Try some in your favorite holiday beverage!

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