Enhance Your Workout With Weed

Marijuana has been credited for enhancing countless video game marathons -- but what about actual marathons?

With the advent of legalized marijuana, more and more products are addressing the needs of athletes. From edibles that improve your game to topicals for soothing sore muscles, there is a cannabis product for anyone’s fitness journey.

Here are some of our favorite ways you can try incorporating marijuana into your workout routine. As always, remember to consult your doctor before changing your health routine and always enjoy cannabis responsibility.

Ditch the Game-day Butterflies

The right type of CBD product can be extremely effective in helping ease anxiety. CBD does not produce a psychoactive result making it ideal for use before a workout. We love the Select CBD Focus Vape Pen. Just a couple hits off of this convenient vape pen will instantly melt nerves away.

Take Your Yoga to Higher Level

CBD is also a fantastic yoga companion, but for an extra relaxing evening session, try an indica-dominant flower before your stretching routine.

Classix Chem Dawg 4 is a great choice for full body relaxation, and also provides a lovely euphoric effect ideal for getting your zen on.

Adventure Outside of the Gym

To motivate some motion on your rest days, try using a fun sativa-dominant edible like Kiva’s Chocolate-Covered Cannabis-Infused Espresso Beans. Even if you can’t find motivation for the gym, these uplifting little bites combined with a nice walk, will leave you feeling energized and happy.

Recover Sore Muscles

Many athletes are reducing or eliminating traditional anti-inflammatory medications like Ibuprofen in favor of CBD. In addition to helping calm inflammation, CBD also has pain relief properties, making it ideal for soothing sore muscles. Care By Design’s 1:1 Pain Cream is a natural topical that can be massaged directly onto the effected area.

What are some of your favorite ways to incorporate marijuana into your workouts? Comment below!

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