Happy Sticks Sunset Gelato Pax Pod

Updated: Feb 8, 2019

Potbelly Score: 7.2 Brand: Happy Sticks Pax Era Strain: Sunset Gelato Type: Hybrid THC: 82..40% CBD: 0.81%

Available: Eaze

Happy Sticks Sunset Gelato is one of those product names that immediately brings a pleasant experience to mind. This vape cartridge is compatible with the Pax Era vape.

Upon opening Happy Sticks' bright green package you're greeted with a small smiley face and the experience only gets better from there.

The quality of the vape is a pleasantly strong hybrid perfect for a day in the sun. It offers a smooth and delicious lightly fruity hit followed by a happy and relaxing high. Scoring an impressive 7.2 on the Potbelly scale, Happy Sticks Sunset Gelato is a great new cartridge to try.

Additionally, this heavy-hitting cartridge is reasonably priced for just $35 on Eaze. Grab one to enjoy on your next day off!

Be sure to also check out our full review on the Pax Era vape.

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