Highness Gardens Purple Urkle

Updated: Apr 4, 2019

Potbelly Score: 6.0

Brand: Highness Gardens Strain: Purple Urkle Type: Indica THC/CBD: 24% THC, 0.00% CBD

Available at: Berkeley Patients Group for $55 an eighth or $20 for 1 gram

Photo:@jaxcamera Product: Purple Urkle by @highnessgardens

There is something so intriguing and beautiful about purple-tinged strains. Highness Gardens' Purple Urkle is a great example. This purple Indica has a lovely fruity scent and a flavor to match. It is originally derived from Mendocino Purps and has distinct hints of fresh grapes and berry.

The smoke is smooth and initially feels like a Hybrid. At first, I felt it in my head. Then, over the first few minutes, it built slowly and finally settled in to relax my shoulders. This strain definitely feels more like an Indica. Purple Urkle is great for yoga as it relaxes the body and does not leave you overly sleepy. This it is an excellent flower; however, it scored lower on our scale due to its slightly higher price-point and general lack of availability around the Bay. This hybrid from Highness Gardens scored very well were in areas surrounding its look, smell, and taste.

Purple Urkle received a 6.0 on the Potbelly scale and it's definitely worth working into your nighttime routine.

Pick some up today for about $55 at BPG and let us know what you think!

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