Kama Tree OG

Updated: Feb 8, 2019

Potbelly Score: 5.4 Brand: Kama Tree Strain: OG Type: Hybrid THC: 17.60%

Available: Magnolia $45

Kama Tree OG comes in a cool, sturdy, well-designed orange box. The buds are dense and dark green, but not particularly large. The smell is rich and piney.

Our Potbelly scale has a variety of rating categories. This flower was unique in that it rated lower in areas like THC percentage but scored extremely well in categories related strictly to the feel. The effect is surprisingly strong and long lasting. Although this flower is categorized as a hybrid, it is more Indica-heavy with a very mellow, even sleepy, effect.

This bud is ideal for a movie night. It is a quality, sort of old-school smoke available for $45 at Magnolia. Give it a try this week!

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