Kiva Chocolate

Updated: Feb 12, 2019

Potbelly Score: 7.3

Brand: Kiva Flavor: Milk Chocolate Type: Edible THC: 5mg THC CBD: 0.00% per serving, 100mg total

Available at most Bay Area dispensaries (see below)

Photo: @jaxcamera Product: Kiva Milk Chocolate

Kiva edibles are known for their quality, both in terms of taste and strength. One of our favorite line of products they make are their delicious chocolate bars. These bars are available in 8 incredible flavors including Tangerine Dark Chocolate, Mint Irish Cream, Blackberry Dark Chocolate, Vanilla Chai Milk Chocolate and more. For the purpose of this review, we tasted their traditional Milk Chocolate.

From the very first bite, this edible is smooth and delicious. Aside from an extremely subtle cannabis after-taste, it is indistinguishable from a non-cannabis high-end chocolate bar. With 20 - 5mg pieces, Kiva chocolate is ideal for precise dosing. The quality of the high is strong and long-lasting. Generally our reviewers found this edible to kick in within 1-2 hours.

Personally, I find this product provides a relaxing and focused high. It is ideal for cutting anxiety. Kiva chocolate bars have become a staple in my cannabis consumption, particularly for chilling on the weekend. With their incredible flavor and feel, Kiva's Milk Chocolate scored a 7.3 on the Potbelly scale! Pick some up today at any of the dispensaries below. And check out our Valentine's Day post that includes how to make Kiva chocolate-covered strawberries!

Berkeley Patients Group - $23

Blum - $22.99

CBCB - $28

Eaze - $22

Harborside - $22

For more on Kiva edibles, check out our review of their refreshing Eucalyptus Mints.

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