Kiva Confections Petra Mints

Updated: Feb 3, 2019

Potbelly Score: 7.1

Brand: Kiva Confections Strain: Petra Cannabis Infused Mints Type: Edible THC: 2.5mg THC CBD: 0.00%

Available at: and most dispensaries

Micro-dosing is a great way to consume cannabis at a more controlled rate. Benefits include reducing anxiety and inducing creativity without having to worry about a prolonged “high.” For those interested in micro-dosing, Kiva Confections Petra Cannabis Infused Mints are a delicious introduction. Kiva’s mints contain 2.5mg of THC per dose and come 40 mints to a tin; a tin will run you $22 at most delivery services and dispensaries in the Bay Area. Kiva has designed its tin to look like any other mint tin you would find at your local supermarket, which is a huge plus when discretion is a concern.

Kiva’s mints come in two flavors: Eucalyptus and Moroccan Mint. While both flavors are refreshing and taste great, I personally prefer Eucalyptus. These mints made me feel great and their effects last for a reasonable amount of time. The small size and overall THC level per mint allow you to adjust dosage precisely. I took two mints as a single dose and enjoyed a light high that lasted for about 2 hours. I felt totally in control the entire time, making Kiva Confection's Petra Mints ideal for day-time use. Kiva’s Petra Cannabis Infused Mints scored a 7.1 on the Potbelly scale. Pick some up for a discreet and refreshing cannabis break today!

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