Korova Mint Chip

Potbelly Score: 6.6

Brand: Korova Strain: Mint Chip Type: Hybrid THC/CBD: 14% THC, 0.00% CBD

Available at: other strains at BPG

Photo:@jaxcamera Product: Mint Chip by @korovainsider

Korova Mint Chip is a mix between Green Ribbon, Durban, and OG Kush. This frosty bright-green flower smells a little minty and sweet with a hint of a lime. The buds are medium-sized but extremely dense, it's the type that grinds into more weed than it appears.

The high is more concentrated in the head with a light body high. The effects are an Indica-like sleepiness in the eyes with a Sativa-like alertness. This is a great Hybrid for relaxing at home watching a movie or playing video games. With just 14% THC, this strain is surprisingly strong and scores a respectable 6.6 on the Potbelly scale.

Korova flower seems to be harder to find in the Bay Area these days, but it's definitely worth seeking out. This brand produces buds that are consistently tasty and strong. And not unlike their fantastic cyclops cow mascot, many of their strains are truly unique and special. Korova Mint Chip is currently unavailable in the Bay but we're excited to try Korova's Gelato and Sherblato both available at BPG right now for $55 per eighth.

Which Korova strain is your favorite?

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