Kush Queen Nourishing Bath Bomb in Love

Potbelly Score: 7.5

Brand: Kush Queen Type: Love for Passion Type: Topical - Bath Bomb THC: 25 mg CBD, 0 THC

Available at Blum for $9.99 or Online for $12.99

Photo:@jaxcamera Product:@kushqueenshop

Kush Queen’s Nourishing CBD Bath Bomb in Love is an incredibly luxurious pampering experience. This bath bomb is packed with 25 mg of CBD combined with relaxing organic lavender, ylang ylang, bergamot, orange, patchouli, and cedarwood. The moment I opened the package my room filled with a lovely lightly-floral citrus scent that spread throughout my entire apartment by the end of the bath. It smells so good that I hope they make it into a perfume!

After dropping it into my tub, the bomb fizzed and turned the water a pretty light pink. What followed next was nothing short of the most relaxing bath I have ever had. I found myself soaking in this magical pink water for over an hour -- and enjoying every moment! Also note, I did not experience any dying of my skin or the tub. When I finally returned to dry land, I found my muscles to be relaxed and even slightly tingling (in a wonderful way) for over an hour afterwards. This product exceeded expectations and scored a well-deserved 7.5 on the Potbelly scale!

For anyone who has not tried topical CBD products, Kush Queen Bath Bombs are the perfect introduction. They come in 8 types, including: Sleep for Rest, Relieve for Pain, Awaken for Energy, and even Shield for Immunity. As these topical CBD products will not get you ‘high’, they are ideal for anyone, not just cannabis connoisseurs.

Pick one up at Blum for just $9.99 or on Kush Queen’s website for $12.99. Also pro-tip, if if you're okay with a slightly crumbled bath bomb, Kush Queen offers 'rejects' for just $6. This lovely product will definitely become one of my new favorite indulgences.

What scent should I try next? Maybe the peppermint-infused Awaken -- currently just $7.99 at Blum!

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