Old Pal Hybrid "Shareable" Flower

Updated: Feb 3, 2019

Potbelly Score: 3.4

Brand: Old Pal Strain: Hybrid Type: Flower THC: 9.62% THC CBD: ND

Available at: Eaze

Cannabis comes in two sizes at most retail outlets: grams and eighths. For most brands, grams cost around $15-20 while eighths, which weigh 3.5 grams, will run you $40-65. Cannabis price is dependent on a number of factors, and the most important of these is quality. The team at Old Pal has a line of what they call “shareable flower.” With a Potbelly score of 3.4, Old Pal’s Hybrid sharable flower is perfect for social events or if you are just trying to conserve some of your more high-quality cannabis.

An eighth of Hybrid shareable flower from Old Pal will run you $15 on Eaze. This is a great deal considering most flower at that weight will usually cost more than double. Old Pal loses out to other value brands in three distinct areas: smell, taste, and smokability. Old Pal’s Hybrid flower carries a musty, grass-like smell and taste. When I open a bag of this flower, I’m reminded of cannabis I may have seen at a party in high school. The buds are small and poorly manicured and smoking this flower was harsher than I expected. Overall, Old Pal’s Hybrid flower doesn’t leave a lot to write home about. So why would anyone buy it? For us here at Potbelly, it’s all about conservation. Mixing this flower with higher quality cannabis is a great way to conserve your buds. Another great use for Old Pal’s Hybrid is edibles. This brand of flower is Potbelly’s preferred choice in our canna-coconut oil and cannabutter recipes. While this isn’t a brand that you may smoke every day, it is something that can get you through those tough times. Pick some up at Eaze today and let us know what you think.

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