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Updated: Dec 5, 2018

Pax has established itself as a brand that brings reliable, premium hardware to the cannabis market. That’s really all people want when it comes to cannabis vaporizers, right? Something that works the right way, every time. That's what you can expect from the Pax Era.

Released in late 2016, the Pax Era retails for $29.99 and can be found at most dispensaries and delivery services in the Bay Area. Pax Era SimpleClick™ pods range in price from $40-60 and come from a variety of vendors. The Pax Era is discreet, can be slightly personalized and definitely doesn’t take a break on features or design. The Pax Era's ecosystem, comprised of hardware, a mobile app and Pax’s SimpleClick™ pods really sets it apart from others like it on the market.


Unboxing the Pax Era is an “Apple-like” experience. The device is solidly constructed and is about the size of a flash drive. The Pax Era features an LED indicator version of the company's logo on a field of slate-colored aluminum.

When you first unbox the Pax, you get a simple set of instructions: "insert a Pax Era pod, the device pulses in white when in use and enjoy your Pax." Pretty simple, right? The box also contains a micro-USB cable, a quick-start guide, registration information and directions on where to get the Pax mobile app.

Charging The Pax Era charges over micro-USB, and will fully charge out of the box in about an hour. Your Pax is fully charged when the petals stop blinking. Shaking the Pax shows you the device’s charge level with each Pax petal representing 25% of the overall charge.

The App

After installing the software, you’ll first be asked to add a device. The Pax mobile app supports the Pax3 and the Pax Era. After selecting the Pax Era, you’re directed to “shake your Era to pair.” Go ahead, shake it. Once your Era lights up blue, it will pair to your mobile app. This is also the time when you get to name your Pax Era. I would name it something distinct to you.

When you first open the app, you’ll notice a button to lock your Era and a battery icon displaying the Pax Era’s current charge level. You'll also notice that the App is divided into five sections: Control Center, Customize Device, Video Tutorials, Pax Games and an informational section.

Control center

The Control Center is where the magic happens for the Era. Here you can control the temperature of the device as well as how long you want your Pax Era session to be. If you want to conserve your Pax Pod, turn the temperature down. You’ll get less vapor from the Pax at the lower temperature, but we have found that this is a good way to conserve your pods. Turn the temperature up to get more of a hit.

Session Control allows you to preset your Era use. From micro to large, the Era shows you how much cannabis oil vapor you have pulled during your session and shuts off for a period of time once you have reached the session limit. Removing and reconnected the Pax pod restarts the session. It’s super convenient to see both the temperature and the session on screen at the same time.

Customize Device

This allows you to change the color of the LEDs that illuminate the Era’s petals. You have four choices: white, blue, yellow and red. You adjust the Era’s brightness by moving the slider.

Video tutorials

This section has two parts: Getting started and Games. Getting Started educations you on how to charge your Era. Games instructs you on how to play games with your Era. Yup, it has games too.


Three games come standard in every Pax Era. Paxsays is basically a version of the classic memory game Simon. You’re presented with petals that light up in a specific order with specific colors and your job is to recreate the sequence. Paxrun is essentially a version of Pac-man for the Era. Why Pax didn’t just call it Pax-man, I’ll really never know. The point of this game is to move an illuminated petal without getting caught by “ghosties,” or colored Pax petals. The game is fun once you get the hang of it. Paxspin is Pax's version of "spin the bottle" and is really intended to be a multi-player game.


Pax Era compatible pods are made by some of your favorite brands like Select, Jetty, Bloom Farms and Seven Leaf. Just like other vaporizer cartridges on the market, Pax Pods oil varies in quality and consistency. What you will get, however, is a great overall vaporizer experience regardless of the brand. We have found that the Era’s line of “High Intensity” pods work far better than their counterparts of otherwise regular intensity. We've found that pods range in price from $40-60, and the extra is really, really worth it.

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