Royal Highness by Fun Uncle

Updated: Feb 3, 2019

Potbelly Score: 5.8 Brand: Fun Uncle Strain: Royal Highness Type: Indica-Dominant Hybrid THC: 15.25% CBD: 0.00%

Available at: Harborside or Blum

Great value is not often a quality associated with marijuana. This is exactly the niche that Fun Uncle is trying to fill. An eighth of Royal Highness flower will run about $45 before tax. You can sometimes find it as low as $35. In terms of quality, these buds are worth more than their list price.

Royal Highness gets its distinct genetics by crossing trainwreck and royal kush. The flower is characterized with frosty, hairy nugs that carry sharp smells of grapefruit, pine and sandalwood. If you’re a fan of floral smelling buds, Royal Highness is a great choice. When smoked, Fun Uncle’s Royal Highness tastes similar to how it smells: piney and fruit-driven. Although it is considered an indica-dominant hybrid, the effects are more uplifting and creative than I would have expected. This is definitely a great flower to smoke during the day.

As a value brand, Fun Uncle's buds run smaller than what you may find in more premium brands. That’s kind of where the “value” part stops. At this price point, Fun Uncle consistently has the most potent and best-tasting buds around. Royal Highness is no exception scoring a solid 5.8 on the Potbelly scale.

Pick some up at Harborside or Blum or (other dispensaries where available) and let us know what you think!

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