THC Design's Strawberry Banana

Updated: Feb 3, 2019

Potbelly Score: 7.2

Brand: THC Design Strain: Strawberry Banana Type: Indica-Dom Hybrid THC: 30%


Available at: Eaze and many other locations

Upon opening up THC Design’s large signature purple-capped jars, I’m immediately hit with a delightful scent exactly as the Strawberry Banana name implies. The buds of this strain are a nice size, density and are covered in a lovely layer of frosty kief. Strawberry Banana is characterized as an indica-dominant hybrid, and it is exactly what you want in a quality hybrid. The full effect is not immediate, it begins as a slow mellow high that builds into a deeply relaxing body high. While the body relaxation is somewhat typical to the effects commonly associated with indica strains, unlike an Indica, this flower also has a sativa-like creative and motivational feeling. I found myself to be particularly productive and mentally focused on this strain making it ideal for daytime use during activities like painting, playing music or doing housework

With its smooth smokability and wonderfully hybrid effects, it’s no wonder why Strawberry Banana scored a whopping 7.2 on the Potbelly scale! This strain is often available on Eaze priced at $39 per eighth.

Try some today and let us know what you think

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