Ultimate Deep Healing Pain Cream by Changing the Future

Potbelly Score: 7.00

Brand: Ultimate Deep Healing Pain Cream by Changing the Future

Type: Topical

CBD: 150mg; THC: N/A

Available at: Direct to consumer

The Ultimate Deep Healing Pain Cream with EMU Oil from Changing the Future Outcome is perfect for anyone that is dealing with muscles or joint pain. I’ve brought it to several three-day music festivals and it has been amazing! It's wonderful for dealing with the aftermath of dancing for hours. It has made the recovery process easier and has kept my muscles energized for long weekends.

It comes in a very simple, make-up like package. Just like any pain cream, you apply it by dabbing it with a finger and massaging it into your skin. It works on both muscles and areas around joints. Almost instantaneously you get a cold rush that dulls the pain. After rubbing the cream in for about a minute you can really feel the cannabis oil penetrating your skin and alleviating your muscles. The feeling lasts for over an hour and really helps with overall relaxation. This product scored a 7.0 on the Potbelly scale and is definitely worth trying if you have any muscle or joint pains!

For anyone that wants a long-lasting pain cream,. The only concerns are that the product must be ordered online and is a bit pricey ($35 for 1 oz and $50 for 2 oz). Changing the Future Outcome has many CBD products: creams, hair growth, pet products, edibles, and drops. Try some out and let us know what you think on Instagram!

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